The perky power of vitamins

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Most of us don’t get nearly enough vitamins in our diet.

EU health boffins say that your body need a specific amount of 13 vitamins and 14 minerals every day to stop you getting ill. They call this amount your RDA (stands for Recommended Daily Amount).

There are some vitamins like D, C and B12 that not only keep your body healthy, but help you fight off infections too.

So we’ve packed our Immune Boosting snack bars and porridge pots with 100% of your daily recommended amount of all three Power Packed Vitamins!

Clever Combos

Did you know Vitamin D is fat soluble? That means that unless you consume fat with Vitamin D you won’t absorb the goodness. So we have cleverly combined Vitamin D with healthy fats to maximise the goodness you can get. So the nuts in our bars and the coconut mylk in our porridges help you absorb vitamin D better than supplements 💪

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