Our Sustainability Perkifesto

When it comes to brands being sustainable, there is a lot of fluff, and, as some say, green washing.

But we promise you won’t get any “Blah, blah, blah” from us. And we promise we will do everything we can so we

Don’t Mess Up the Planet

We’re here to be transparent about how we’re sustainable now, and what we can do better. ‘Cause when it comes to the planet we can always do better.

Perkier was born with sustainability as a core value.

What are we doing now?

We Say Yes To Plants

YASSSS to plants actually!

Did you know, Plant Based Diets have 50% lower CO2 emissions? Yep we know – that’s an unbelievable percentage, and one that’s often overlooked by government & big food companies.

And yet it’s true! Becoming flexitarian, vegetarian or even vegan can help reduce your carbon footprint. And at Perkier we want to help you be more environmentally friendly, so all our bars are 100% plant based.

And in case you haven’t tried them yet – don’t worry, we create sustainable food without compromising on the taste. Perkier bars are DELISH (4.8 Stars say it on Amazon 😁).

Wanna do better than 50% less CO2? Find out about our journey to becoming Net Zero.

We're Saying No To Palm Oil

Palm Oil. Heard of it? You should have. You’ve almost certainly consumed some today.

Palm oil is found in half of all packaged products you’ll find in your local supermarket. Why? It’s high yield, efficient and cheap. It’s also semi-solid at room temperature, so easy to use in so many products, from bread to lipstick.

So what’s the problem?  Well, it’s also a key cause of deforestation in Borneo and Indonesia. Something we can’t let continue, especially at the alarming rate it’s going at.

Creating Palm Oil Free products is the only way we can ensure we aren’t contributing the Palm deforestation. It’s something we are so passionate about, as rainforests are not only a natural carbon sink, helping remove CO2 from our atmosphere, but are also the home of incredible wildlife. In fact, if we don’t dramatically reduce our consumption of Palm Oil FAST, orangutans will be extinct in 25 years. 25 years. Read more

We are a B Corp Manufacturer

“B Corp? Eurgh, what is this corporate mumbo jumbo?”

Yes we hear you, glad you asked!

Certified B Corporations are a new kind of business that balances people, purpose and profit.

And in non-business speak; B Corps are the companies that don’t just care about money in the bank, but also about their workers, customers, suppliers, community AND…the environment. They’re the guys that want to do good in the world, and leave it a better place for everyone.

We work with a B Corp Manufacturer to ensure our bars live and breath this ethos, because making ethical choices is our responsibility.

It doesn’t stop there, we’re also working to become B Corp certified as a brand, so you can be sure your tasty treat is doing good from start to finish.

We Use Recyclable Packaging

We won’t bore you here. We all know the basics:

Recycling = Good.

Waste = Bad.

Our packaging is 100% recyclable; from the cardboard boxes, right down to the film we wrap our bars in. The cardboard can be popped in your recycle bin, and the film should be taken to larger supermarkets or you can check with your local recycling service to see if they recycle it too.

But we know taking plastic film to be recycled isn’t always possible, and that’s why we’re innovating to improve our packaging even further.

We are Carbon Neutral

We have offset all 501 tonnes of our carbon emissions (enough required to drive a car 39 times around the world)! This means that our office and snacks are now all 100% CARBON NEUTRAL! 

We have supported a variety of valuable projects that go much further than just trees. We’re contributing to projects that not only remove carbon (trees superpower), but also supporting carbon avoidance and carbon reduction. 

In our war against carbon we are supporting the protection of 158,000 football pitches worth of rainforest in Borneo, and a rainforest area 7.5 times the size of Greater London in Columbia.

Read more about our EPIC carbon fighting projects here.

What are we working on?

Using More Sustainable Packaging

Our film is recyclable, but not in everyone’s everyday recycle bin.

We’re researching and innovating to discover a new material that will be more convenient to recycle, whilst also ensuring we maximise the shelf life of our bars so there is no food waste. Our new material will ensure whether you’re at home, in the office, or out and about, there is always a way to recycle your Perkier wrapper. 

Getting Perkier B-Corp Certified

Production is a huge part of our operations, so working with a B-Corp Manufacturer is a huge win for us. But we also want to be part of the club.

Team Perkier are on the case – we’re working through the application to become B-Corp certified by mid-2022. Watch this space!

Net Zero by 2030

Hold on to your hats, this one’s a biggie!

Net Zero is no easy feat. But we’re not put off by big challenges. We’re here to rise to the occasion and do our bit.

The first step? Accurately measuring our carbon footprint. That’s what we’re working on now, so we can see where exactly we’re at and how we’re going to get to Net Zero.

As a business, we believe in committing to bold goals. So, 2030 is ours. And we’ll be keeping you updated throughout the journey.

Our Latest Sustainability Blogs

Want to know more?

We’re always learning, and would love to hear your thoughts, questions, or feedback on our Sustainability Perkifesto.

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