Meet Our New Berry Bar!

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We’ve been busy in the perky hub creating another bombastic bar …

NEW! Blueberry & Dark Chocolate bar

We’re talking delicious juicy berries, crunchy nuts with a thick layer of real dark chocolate

A new addition to our Perkier Active cultures range – which already includes Perkier Madagascan Vanilla and Dark Chocolate with a knockout 4.7-star rating on Amazon 👊

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A Perkier bar a day keeps the gut monsters away!

Perkier Active Culture bars are not only droolingly delicious they also help create a Happy Health Gut. With billions of probiotics and 5g prebiotic fibre, our snacks are clinically proven to enhance digestive health, provide immune support and can even boost your mood as 95% of your happy hormone serotonin is generated in the gut!

How does Prebiotic Fibre help your body ?

The food the good gut bacteria love to eat, prebiotic fibre helps good gut bacteria out compete the baddies. We use Chicory root fibre which is one of THE best types of Prebiotic Fibre. It also binds our bars together so we don’t need to add any glucose syrups.


The Other Good Stuff

Perkier Blueberry & Dark Chocolate bar also provides :

  • 5g plant protein 
  • High fibre
  • 40% lower sugar than date based bars

+ It is Gluten free and Plant based

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