Vitamin B12: the green one

1 min read

If you’re a veggie, plant-lover or vegan like us, you’re probably not getting very much Vitamin B12 in your diet at all. That’s because it’s mainly found in animal products like meat, fish, milk, cheese and eggs (oh and Marmite for you Marmite Lovers!). And that could be really bad news for you.

You mightn’t notice anything straight away, but after a few years, Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to things like depression, memory loss, muscle weakness and digestive issues and more. And sometimes it can’t be reversed 😱. It could also weaken your immune system and make it harder to fight off diseases.

Don’t let it get that far!

Studies show that more than half of all vegans are vitamin deficient. If that’s you, you need to top up on your B12.

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