So what’s in the bars?

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We’ve worked closely with world experts in gut health to create two absolute nutritional powerhouses – snack bars that contain prebiotics, probiotics, 100% of your daily Vitamin B5 & B12, calcium, and 5g of plant protein.

And every ingredient in our bars is ALL NATURAL!


Each bar contains two precision types of friendly active cultures (another name for probiotics). There are BILLIONS of these in each bar, and they’re scientifically proven to reach the gut alive for the best gut-boosting results.

To help these probiotics on their journey through your gut, we’ve microencapsulated them - using advanced technology to wrap them in protective shells - making them 1000x more effective at reaching your gut alive than the dairy cultures found in yoghurts and kefir. Find out more about probiotics.


The bars contain 5g of chicory fibre, packed with prebiotics that our good-gut bacteria love to eat.

A cool thing about prebiotics is that they bypass your small intestine and head straight to the colon to create an even healthier gut. Dig deeper into the science.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 Just like our Vitamin-Packed Immune Range, our Active Cultures bars contain Vitamin B12, which is essential for plant-lovers and vegans, because it’s normally found in animal products.

Doctors say that being vitamin B12 deficient can lead to some serious illnesses years down the line.

Vitamin B5

This one helps you convert the food you eat into energy, and helps to keep much of your body healthy, including your skin, hair, eyes and nervous system – as well as your gut, obviously. B5 makes red blood cells too, which carry oxygen around your body. Read more on Vit B5.

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  1. I just wanted to say that we love perkier bars!

    They are the best bar around.

    I love the taste and all the vitamins and health benefits. I love your ethos too.

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