Nutty Toffee & Dark Chocolate


If NUTTY GOODNESS is for you, then look no further. Crunchy peanuts, delicious almonds and real toffee pieces combine in this tasty bar! Dipped in smooth dark chocolate with added vitamins C, D and B12 for a guilt-free treat!

Nutty Toffee & Dark Chocolate


If NUTTY GOODNESS is for you, then look no further. Crunchy peanuts, delicious almonds and real toffee pieces combine in this tasty bar! Dipped in smooth dark chocolate with added vitamins C, D and B12 for a guilt-free treat!

  • Gluten Free
  • Wheat Free
  • Vegan
  • No Palm Oil

Ingredients & nutritional

Roasted PEANUTS (34%), Chicory Root Fibre, Dark Chocolate 17% (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring), Dates (dates, rice flour), SOY crisps (SOY protein, Tapioca Starch, Salt), Roasted ALMONDS (4.5%), Rice Crisps (rice flour, sugar, dried carrot powder), Sunflower Oil, Caramel Flakes (2%) (sugar, glucose syrup, cocoa butter), Date Syrup, Humectant: Glycerol, Vitamin Blend (Maltodextrin, Vitamins C, D, B12), Natural Caramel Flavouring, Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithin.

For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

May contain traces of milk and other tree nuts.

The Nutritional Bit:

Packed with protein and high in fibre, these bars have up to 40% less sugar than competitor bars. Plus we add Vit D, C & B12 to boost your immune system.

Top Tips!

Enjoy as a tasty mid-morning snack at your desk, on-the-go, post workout or as a satisfying afternoon treat. Get creative and break off chunks to add to smoothie bowls, ice-cream or to top dairy-free yoghurt.


There are a lot of happy perky people out there! Here’s what a few of them had to say

  1. Rosie


    the nutty toffee bars and they are my favourite perkier product so far! I didn’t think anything could beat the salted caramel bites but here we are. They’re deliciously light and sweet, and feel like a real treat with the chocolate bottoms! and yet they’re still good for me. Can’t recommend highly enough! 🙂

  2. Matthew


    I’ll let others extol the virtues of these bars in terms of their environmental credentials (although I hear soya isn’t quite as friendly as some people might think) and gloss over the fact that while these bars might appear to be healthy they contain just as many calories as any other health bar you’ll find on the ‘same shelf’. Instead I will concentrate on the experience of putting a bar in your mouth, biting off a chunk, chewing it and eating it. It’s an underrated experience these days I think – these simple actions seem so loaded with baggage – is it bad for me? Is it bad for the planet? Those poor orangutans etc. My experience of simply eating the bar in the moment, concentrating on nothing but the taste and texture, was excellent. The dark chocolate is flavoursome and goes really well with the nuts and the little crisp balls and the whole chewy sweet sensation is great. They’re some of the tastiest bars I’ve eaten in a long time. That’s it. Simple.

  3. Anonymous


    Wow, these are pretty tasty. Used to get through a lot of power type bars climbing and working outdoors, and to be honest they were a chore to eat. But I found the Perkier bar to taste more like a high end “healthy” chocolate snack. A layer of thick dark chocolate that has a generous layer of peanuts, cashew nuts, puffed quinoa, caramel, chicory root fibre & dates. So they pack in lots of Vitamin D, C, B12, 6 g of protein, whilst being suitable for coeliacs & vegans. They are also GMO Free, Palm Oil Free & made in Britain.
    The wrappers and box as well as being nicely laid out with lots of information are all recyclable at kerbside. They also work out at just under a £1 a bar which is as cheap as most confectionery bars and a lot cheaper than most “sports/health” bars.
    Found that having a bar satiated my hunger without making me feel bloated. The nuts are toasted to a level where they are crunchy with out being tooth breakers and that the levels of Vitamins and minerals should go towards keeping my immune system topped up while we’re all worried about catching something.
    Although I was given these for trial I’ll actually be buying some more when the box is nearly done. They’re a good price, tasty, a lot healthier than snacking on a chocolate biscuit and nice to support a smallish British company.

  4. Rob


    These vegan bars are marketed as “healthy” and ethical, and they certainly taste nice! I like the packaging they make the bars look attractive, interesting and distinctive.

    They are meat-free, palm oil-free and (I think) sweetener free. As to how healthy they truly are and as to whether it’s a cost-effective way to get vitamin supplements, only you can decide, but they are certainly a relatively guilt-free snack. It works out under a quid a bar as well which is a pretty competitive price

  5. GV


    These are seriously good! Good in calories, taste, texture, satiety. I’m delighted with this product. I saw an advert and managed to get some money off. I will buy again and again even without a coupon!

  6. Jenni


    As a 44 year old woman in the middle of a pandemic, I NEED chocolate, although the waist expansion is not something I need…..these are quite frankly the most delicious “treat”, there is a really thick layer of chocolate on the bottom, they’re chewy (no fillings being lost here) and they feel so decadent……one of these a day will definitely hit the spot, and they’re so good for you too!!!! Winning on every level. Thank you!!

  7. G


    So these are quite good and delicious bars. I am eating them either a little snack between my main meals or then I want something sweets they are maybe not most healthy bars out there but it’s still much better than a simple chocolate bar. These bars contain added vitamins and have much less sugar jus 8.2 grams to be precise and 160 kcal which is not bad. So it’s a good alternative for normal sweets.
    The bar itself has enough crunchiness for me and has a chocolate bottom. The taste is not bad, but you can taste a toffee just slightly, I would like to have the taste a bit stronger. However, these bars are still delicious even if it lacks a bit of taste

  8. Anonymous


    Tastes really good and has a lot of nutrients. It fills you up as well. It’s not too sweet and you can taste the dark chocolate and all the ingredients in it. This is really good for on the go food.

  9. J


    Pleasantly and surprisingly tasty. I usually find protein bars a bit, unusual taste wise but these are quite pleasant. I would eat these as a snack anytime. A good combination of nuts and chocolate taste and fills me up for a good few hours. Recommended here

  10. MC


    Very tasty bars that aren’t too sweet and packed full of vitamins. What else can you ask for? Oh and they’re gluten free and vegan too!

  11. Susan


    Awesome bars & healthier than the norm

  12. Christopher


    Me and my family are always on the lookout for new treats, especially ones which are better for our health. When I saw this big box of vegan immune boosting bars, I just had to give them a try, and my family were looking forward to them too. Initially, due to me being a reviewer, I was expecting to only receive one or two to try, but thankfully I received an entire box which I am very grateful for. If I were to have bought them then I feel the size of the box and the amount you get is very good value for money. The design is nice and homely, and you can really tell they are made lovingly by a small family company. These bars are branded as being good for both you and the environment, and having now tried them I feel that this is true. The packaging is eco friendly, while the bars themselves are packed with flavoursome goodness. Nuts and seeds and dark chocolate all make one tasty treat packed with essential vitamins. I wasn’t expecting much from these, but my entire family are now fans. They taste great, and are not too hard or too chewy, and the bitterness of the dark chocolate works perfectly with the healthy nuts. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a wholesome snack packed with health benefits. 5*

  13. Anonymous


    Really delicious bar – I’ve had other Perkier bars before and this is the most chocolatey, treat bar of the ones I’ve tried. Despite being made of healthy ingredients, it tastes more like a regular cereal bar (similar to a Cadbury brunch bar etc) compared to the other Perkier bars that definitely taste ‘healthy’. The amount of chocolate is good and makes it more of a treat than a health bar, perfect with a coffee for a snack. The nuts are subtle and not overpowering. It’s a really nice blend of chocolate, peanuts and the healthier ingredients like quinoa

  14. Androo


    These are really nice. As good as anything similar I’ve tried. The thick slab of dark chocolate on top is particularly good because some bars just have a thin layer. Underneath is chewy cereal and nuts and what they call toffee that holds it all together. I don’t know whether they really boost your immune system but they’re definitely a treat. Gluten free too. What’s not to like?

  15. Joe


    these taste deceptively unhealthy suggesting that these shouldn’t be healthy snacks. But they are with 100% NRV of vitamins B12, C and D.

    The dark chocolate isn’t bitter and adds to the overall texture and taste

    Chewy and delicious is how we best describe these

    Wheat and gluten free But no loss of taste

    Vegan friendly and Company is socially responsible to boot

  16. Sarah


    These are really lovely, brilliant to have in your bag for hunger emergencies! Just nutty enough, not too sweet. Lots of immune boosting vitamins and vegan if that’s your thing!

  17. Rob


    Tasty and healthy, I may be addicted

  18. Jayne


    Yuuuuumy. These bars are the nicest vegan and gluten free I’ve tried. I like all the flavours and a box never lasts long. I recommend them to anyone who fancies a nice, not too unhealthy, treat that is made by a caring company with nice ethics. They are good to take out walking or cycling for an energy boost or just at home for a treat. Keep up the good work Perkier team.

  19. Anastasia


    Very tasty and not too chewy. Perfect for a mid morning snack, love the fact these bars don’t crumble so you can walk around and eat them on the go.

  20. Sally Oliver

    Sally Oliver

    Current obsession! I have Ulcerative colitis but also train a lot and find it hard to find snacks that are gluten free, decent protein quantities but gut friendly. These are so delicious and fit my macros and dietary reqs! Ordering in bulk now!

  21. Janine


    Didn’t have high hopes for this at all. It was a case of, “This is all we have left.”
    But … YUM!!!
    Like a Crunchie, but deliciously chewy!
    I’ll definitely be buying more of these!!

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        Nutritional Table

        Nutritional Information  Per 100 g Per bar (37 g)
        Value % NRV Value % NRV
        Energy 1902 704
        Energy (kcal) 458 169
        Fat (g) 28.0 10
        of which saturates (g) 7.0 2.6
        Carbohydrate (g) 27 10
        of which sugars (g) 18 6.7
        Fibre (g) 19 7.0
        Protein (g) 15 5.6
        Salt (g) 0.14 0.05
        Vitamin C (mg) 65 81% 24 30%
        Vitamin D (mcg) 4 80% 1.5 30%
        Vitamin B12 (mcg) 2 80% 0.75 30%