The tale of Active Cultures

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If you didn’t already know, the Perkier brand was born in 2015, after our co-founder Ann found that she couldn’t eat gluten, wheat or dairy, so she started making our tasty, nutritious and ethical snacks in her kitchen.

But in 2020, she took things one step healthier…

“I’ve suffered from IBS for years, so we originally set out to make Perkier bars and breakfasts free from all the things that were causing it to flare up.

But to really boost our gut health and overall wellbeing, we wanted to create bars packed with probiotics aka active cultures, and prebiotics the food they love to eat!”

And that was that – we made the UK’s first ever range of probiotic snack bars – a plant based, dairy free alternative to health shots, drinks or yoghurts! BTW Ann is smiling in the photo, not doubled over with tummy ache, now she has an Active Culture bar a day!

Say hello to our Active Cultures bars…

There’s no point cramming a load of gut-boosting goodness into snack bars if they’re going to taste a bit bleurgh. So we didn’t. In fact, we ramped up the deliciousness so much, that you’d never guess how healthy they are.

Madagascan Vanilla with
Dark Chocolate

The creamy, mellow taste of vanilla and nuts, with a rich and velvety dark chocolate base.

Blueberry with Dark

All our usual nuttiness, combined with juicy berries and dipped in real dark chocolate.

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