Snack Bites

Snack Bites

Perkier Energy Balls

Craving a bite of complete in-your-face flavour? Tasty, rich and always with a touch of crunch, our delectable snack bites are sure to turn you into a total vegan snacking maven. From salted caramel bites, to cacao & peanut bites and more, our perky energy bites are the mega delicious high fibre snacks of heaven that will leave you wanting more. 

  • Salted Caramel Bites

    6g Protein, High Fibre, 140 cals
  • Cacao & Orange Bites

    6g Protein, High Fibre, 146 cals
  • Cacao & Peanut Bites

    6g Protein, High Fibre, 144 cals
  • The Snack ‘n’ Go


    Your fave selection of Perkier protein balls & bars
    £36.98 £35.00 + Select Flavours
  • The AmazeBalls


    For the Perkier Bites addicts (including me!)
    £45.98 £42.50 + Select Flavours
  • The Smash It


    Choose your fav variety of PERK!ER Quinoa bars, your fav variety of PERK!ER BiTES AND your fav porridge.

Passionately Created Snack Bites

When it comes to the best, tastiest and most scrumptious vegan energy balls, look no further than Perkier. Each pack of Perkier bites are fully-loaded with amazing plant proteins, fantastic flavours, key minerals including iron, nutritious energy, and are all extremely rich in fibre. They are simply the perfect bite-sized snack that you can take with you on-the-go and enjoy anytime, anywhere you want.

Our vegan protein balls are passionately created to not only deliver you a total taste explosion, but also a crazy delicious and nutritious vegan-friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free and wheat-free snack bite. Here at Perkier, we are happy to support all your nutrition goals with the best tasting energy treats around.

We’re proud to be palm oil free, helping to protect indigenous people and wildlife all around the world. Find out for yourself why so many people love our high fibre, gluten-free & wheat free perky energy bites.

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