+Immune Bars

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    Salted caramel & Dark Chocolate

    15 x 37g bars - £15.99
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    Nutty Toffee Dark Chocolate

    15 x 37g bars - £15.99

Upgrade Your Snacking

Each bar contains a whopping 100% of your daily Vit D, C & B12 to boost your immune system.

Utterly delicious with a layer of REAL dark chocolate our Perkier +Immune bars are so much more than your average snack: The nuts in each Perkier +Immune bar contain healthy fats to increase absorption of Vitamin D. Vit B12 not only boosts your immune system it also supports vegan diets. 50% of vegans are deficient in Vit B12 as its main sources are animal based.

+With 6g of plant protein, 5g chicory fibre for a happy, healthy gut, and all under 160 kcals per bar… you’re gonna be a winner.

Proudly palm oil free. Vegan. Gluten free. Wheat free

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