Perk!er Brand Ambassador Sitara Runs the London Marathon

Meet Sitara; one of our lineup of awesome Perk!er brand ambassadors. Passionate about wellness, healthy eating and running (& super brainy studying Classics at Cambridge!) Sitara joined our growing Perky Tribe earlier this year, and just like us, she loves to help share positivity and perkiness wherever she goes.

Sitara proudly ran the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon in aid of the British Heart Foundation, a charity on an eternal mission to “beat heartbreak forever”. She finished the 26.2 miles in just four hours; a fantastic result for her first marathon. Way to go girl!


Sitara has been testing out our full product range, she explains;

“I firmly believe in the importance of a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle which aligns with Perk!er’s focus on “nutritious energy”. I love all the Perk!er products and see them as really valuable additions to my training and nutrition regime. Not only are they packed with wholefoods, they taste great and keep me feeling Perk!er for longer- exactly what I needed in the build up to the marathon.


Perk!er Porridge is such a delicious and convenient way to start the day, especially after a morning run, swim or gym session. I always carry some in my backpack for a seriously nutritious, on-the-go breakfast.


Perk!er Quinoa Bars are the ideal mid-morning or afternoon snack. The high content of nuts and seeds means they really stoke up my energy levels and keep me feeling full. They’re also an essential source of protein, particularly for vegetarians like me, and have a high fibre content to aid digestion.


I adore the Salted Caramel Perk!er Bites – they make the ideal mid training run snack and a bag is small enough to fit into any running belt. They’re also an excellent post- gym evening treat; not only do they taste insanely moreish, they also increase my intake of unsaturated healthy fats.”


Here are Sitara’s top five motivational mantra’s for any marathon virgin. She calls them her 5 Be’s:


#1 Be Kind to Yourself

The preparation for a marathon is immense, both physically and mentally. Be proud of every bit of progress you make.

#2 Be Realistic

A training plan is a good guide but don’t be too rigid about it. Stay open to change and adapt it as you progress; your body will take time to adjust to more intense levels of training.


#3 Be Aware

Centre your training times around your body clock, lifestyle and when you feel your perkiest. I find an early morning run, before my 8am porridge is a great way to start the day, but this might not be best for you.

#4 Be Alert

Get savvy about injuries, yep unfortunately they do happen, so safeguard yourself as much as you can. Long-distance running can take its toll on your body so practice regular stretching, eat wholesome food and seek professional advice about any injuries. I went to see an osteopath and a chiropractor to help with runners’ knee. I pulled back on my mileage and had nearly a month when a weekly run lasted no longer than 30 minutes –
eeek! But, I used this time to work on strengthening my core and key leg muscles in the gym, and added in regular yoga sessions to stay supple.


#5 Be Happy

Running a marathon and raising money for a charity you love is an amazing and really valuable life experience. You get to meet some incredible people too; I was lucky enough to meet one of my personal idols; Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill -yay!

PERK!ER Top Tips!

Prepare to ace the race- shifting to a positive mindset will set you up for success, not failure.

Eat a balanced and nutritious diet with plenty of colourful fruit and vegetables alongside carbs and lean protein...

Rest days are critical, enjoy some well deserved downtime and lots of sleep. It’s not an indulgence, but a vital part of a healthy training schedule.

Kind, supportive family and friends are crucial to keep you focused and perky; A training plan is a good guide but don’t be too rigid about it. Stay open to change and adapt it as you progress; your body will take time to adjust to more intense levels of exercise

Imagine achieving your race day goal, to keep motivation high wherever you are at in your training.

Entertain yourself as you pound the pavements or parklands with podcasts and music. This is a great opportunity to start learning about new passion points like nutrition, books, film, travel; or whatever you’ve been meaning to get into.

Relax and embrace the challenge!


We hope you feel inspired to take up your own challenge, whether it be the physical challenge of the London Marathon or something completely different. You can do whatever you put your mind to, so believe in yourself and don’t let anything or anyone else hold you back!

Go #TeamPerk!er.

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