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You may have seen on our website that we (amongst many other companies) are certified as B Corp.

But what exactly is B-Corp ? and why should B-Corp be important when we choose which companies to shop with ?

What is B corp?

The ‘B’ in ‘B-Corp’ stands for Beneficial. This means any company ‘B-Corp’ certified is going to be beneficial to the world.

‘B-Corps’ are companies that look beyond their profit margin and more into purpose. They do this by focusing on the environment , social impacts and public transparency, looking at consumers , workers, suppliers and their community. This includes things like employee benefits, giving to charity and supply chain.

‘B-Corp’ is the same worldwide which means that any company with the ‘B-Corp’ certification will have gone through the same process.

Did you know ? All Perkier bars are produced in a B-Corp certified food plant✌️

why do perkier produce in a B corp certified food plant?

We want to make sure we are as Ethical as possible throughout our entire company. By producing products in a ‘produced in a B-Corp food manufacturing site’, we make sure we are covering all of our supply chain and stakeholders when we make decisions.

It also makes sure that the workers in the food plant are being paid a fair wage and given employee benefits.

What are some of our Values ?

  • We Say No To Palm Oil
  • Palm oil production is destroying our rainforests and endangering animal species , in particular orangutans and Sumatran tigers.
  • We don’t want to be part of deforestation or endangering animals which is why our products are Palm oil free.
  • We Choose 100% Recyclable Packaging
  • We Are Nutritionist Approved
  • Our bars are packed with goodness
  • We Say Yes To Plants
  • All of our products are 100% plant based and plant based diets can help to reduce Co2 emissions by 50%
  • We Give Back
  • We donate to foodbanks to help those in food poverty
  • We have donated over 100,000 bars to foodbanks since March 2020
  • We are 100% British
  • Made in small batches with care


Who else is B Corp ?

‘By Jess with a ‘lil support from Ann!’

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  1. Just had some of your bars love the nutty toffee dark chocolate bars to start with. Great website and not corporate as you say. Really pleased to see the effort and ethical approach to this and still bring in some money too along with the community support you provide for food banks. The variety of bars are great! Not too sure about cranberry and goji bar though LOL . Just a matter of taste I know but so enjoyable with clear thought going into the process and of B Corp too.
    Please take care of yourselves and don’t forget the reason you all started on this journey together.
    Great photos that are simple and fun and good to put a name to a face too.

    Thank you


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