3 Benefits of Wholefood Diets

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Low carb? Low Fat? Meal replacement shakes? How can we manage our weight better?

We live in a world where ultra-processed foods are the norm and this is most likely part of the growing problem. As our lives get busier and ultra-processed foods become cheaper and more addictive, it can be tempting to rely more on them more. They’re convenient and they taste good after all. While a bag of crisps and a piece of cake is certainly not going to do you any harm, in moderation, incorporating more wholefoods in your diet ia a great way to gain important nutrients, while sit feeling satiated. Here are some important reasons a wholefood-based diet can be a great way to eat healthily and help manage your weight.

Dr Chris Van Tuelleken ate 80% ultra-processed foods for just one month to show the damage they can  cause if eaten in excess. In this month he gained a stone, got piles and experienced anxiety and sleeplessness. 

(1) Wholefoods Contain More FIBRE

One of the main issues with ultra-processed foods is they generally lack fibre. Fibre is an important nutrient in foods, slowing the absorption of sugar into your bloodstream, keeping you fuller for longer and is also great for your gut health.

What happens if you don’t get enough fibre?

          Sugary foods can cause your blood sugar to spike and crash making you hungry and lethargic again soon after eating.

          You’ll need to eat more of a food to feel full because fibre bulks food up.

This is why eating lots of ultra-processed foods high in sugar and low in fibre can cause people to overeat them.


We should consume 30g fibre daily, but most of us fall short getting c.19g per day. 

35g Perkier Peanut bar

7 Grams Fiber

5.3 Grams Sugar

35g of Dairy milk chocolate

0.7 Grams Fiber

19.6 Grams Sugar

A 35g Perkier bar has around 25% of your daily fibre needs with 7g of fibre vs a 35g chocolate bar with 0.7g of fibre. This difference in fibre in the same sized snack means that the natural sugar in the Perkier bar would be released slower into your blood stream giving you increased energy over time. On the otherhand the sugar contained in a chocolate bar would be released comparatively quickly giving you a short burst of energy leaving you hungry and tired not long after.

(2) Wholefoods Contain Healthy FATS

Processed foods like biscuits, cakes, fried foods, pizza, pastries, and ice cream contain unhealthy trans fats which is bad news. Trans fats increase LDL (the bad type of cholesterol), triglycerides and insulin levels and reduces beneficial HDL.  Trans fats can be found in processed foods as they are formed during a certain type of processing of vegetable oil which makes it solid.

Fats are also higher calorie per gram than carbohydrate and protein rich foods; 9 calories per gram for fat vs 4 calories per gram for protein and carbs.

This means that consuming higher fat processed foods, with more calories can cause people to unknowingly overeat and gain unhealthy weight.

Wholefoods contain healthy fats, essential for your diet e.g. unsaturated fats found in nuts packed in Perkier bars and omega-3 contained in chia and flaxseeds.

(3) Wholefoods are Nutrient Dense

Ultra-processed foods are often stripped back of their nutrients, the less processing a wholefood has undergone generally the more nutrients will remain.

This is why it’s important to include at least some fresh fruits & veg, nuts, seeds and pulses in your diet. This will help you to meet your vitamin and mineral requirements. Our Perkier bars only contain natural ingredients and are hand made with minimal processing to retain as much goodness as possible.

Overall ultra-processed foods can be convenient and tasty but be careful about including them regularly in your diet, as they can have long term damaging effects on your health.


Perkier Bars are a powerful source of Wholefoods.

3 Benefits of Eating a Perkier bars (apart from that they taste damn good!!)

Perkier bars are a great convenient source of natural wholefoods, packed with nuts, fruits, soya and quinoa. Perkier bars are a great addition to your diet to boost your wholefoods!

  • We bind our bars with chicory fibre, a prebiotic good for your gut health and helps slow the release of the natural sugars in our bars into your blood stream giving you sustained energy.
  • The nuts in Perkier bars provide a source of healthy unsaturated fats alongside a variety of vitamins and minerals.
  • With 25% of your daily fibre in one perkier bar the high fibre content also helps you to feel fuller for longer than similar alternative overly processed options such as chocolate or crisps.

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