Calling all lovers of peanuts and all addicts of peanut butter, our brand new bar guarantees to rock your taste buds…

The PERK!ER Peanut Quinoa Bar!

Our new bar combines air-roasted peanuts, creamy peanut butter & crispy quinoa puffs to deliver a delicious taste, crunchy texture and a nutritious health hit! The perfect on-the-go snack for any time of the day (even a mid-night treat… we won’t tell!).

Our bar has been crafted with care & packed with the goodness of superfoods to give you a tasty snack that is high in fibre, packed with 6g protein & rich in antioxidants.

Can’t wait to get your paws on our newbie Peanut bar?! Find it in the free-from aisles of Morrisons & ASDA stores NOW!

So why are PERK!ER Potty for Peanuts?

(Try saying that 5 times…)

They are packed with protein & fibre:

Peanuts are great source of plant protein and contain high levels of amino acids, which are essential for the body’s growth and development. As well as this, the fibre in peanuts helps to regulate the digestive system & help you feel fuller for longer.

They give you a burst of energy:

Peanuts contain numerous vitamins & minerals, including Thiamin. Thiamin helps the body’s cells covert carbs into energy, keeping you PERK!ER for longer.

They give you a happy & healthy heart:

Peanuts are rich in many heart-healthy nutrients including: magnesium, copper & niacin, which have been shown to protect against heart disease.

Did you know…?


Peanuts are not technically nuts. They actually belong to the legume family and are therefore related to beans, lentils, and soy.

Fancy trying our whole range?

PERK!ER’s new Peanut Quinoa bar is available to buy in ASDA & Morrisons stores NOW! Additional bars in the range are also available in the free-from aisles of Sainsbury’s, TESCO,  Whole Food Market and selected health food stores nationwide, and online with Amazon & Holland & Barrett.

RSP from 75p for single bars and from £2 for 3 bar multi-packs.

All PERK!ER bars are gluten, wheat & dairy free; as well as suitable for vegetarians and vegans. PERK!ER bars are also free from palm oil and cane sugar

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